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Sunday, January 18, 2009


who the hell would think arguing about CELLPHONES would make a substantial argument?????







Everywhere I turn, I see people carrying cellphones

Hey, I'm cool with that. I have a cellphone as well
who doesn't?


Is it me, or is this whole "I have a cellphone phenomenon" blowing outta proportion???????????

Ok, I'm obviously exaggerating...again

But it seems to me as if the whole idea now, of having a cellphone... is to see who's got the better one

Case in point :

Gina: Hey Molly Sue, let's cam whore! We can know, Post it on our facebook profiles and know... show that b***h Maryanne that we have the nicer emo-er display pictures!Let me just take out my new N85 and we'll be cam whoring away =)

Molly sue: Wait a second there girl! Are you talking about the N85, as in THE N85 with the super clear camera, THE N85 with the amazing layout and THE N85 with the capacity to keep like...A MILLION SONGS?!!

Gina: Yeah, that one. My dad's know, Bill gates rich

Molly Sue: The N85's like SOO yesterday. I had one and tossed it aside after a day! I realized that the iPhone's WAY better! There's like everything! I even have the ibrate application! ;)

Gina: Uh huh... well, mine has the ability to print out faxes!

Molly Sue: YEAH? Mine scans my homework and gives me the answers!!

Gina: OH YEA !! Mine practically cleans up the house!!!!!!!!!!!

Molly Sue: My cell keeps my 21 year old sister out of rehab!! HAH!!


If I hear another argument about whose phone's better. I swear I'll listen to Ali Lohan songs on repeat

In 1875, Alexander Graham bell invented the first telephone. He must be spinning in his grave

btw, I need a new cell phone. I'm the ONLY one among my friends with what you'd call a brick which makes phone calls XD


  1. My daughter has 5 or 6 pretend cell phones...and she just turned 2.

    Good blog...referred from bloggeries!

  2. I have a friend who just has to show off her phones.She renews them like we change socks