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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I received a personal message from a reader today asking meAdd Video

"What is your REAL name? Where are you from? How old are you REALLY? "

I have simple answers to those questions :)

  1. My name is Badzila (and that's all you will ever know for now)
  2. I just came from my house, and I'm currently in the office (blogging, I know)
  3. I'm below 30 :)
Oh, and By the way, I would not call this BLOGGING . I would prefer to call this sharing and bitching :)

I may just one day, tell the world who I am, not as if anybody cares though. I'm still trying to convince myself this is not blogging per se.

Yea, as a matter of fact, I will tell the world who I am if and only if I have more than 10 followers and tonnes of comments.

That day does not seem to be here just yet :)

I am not a blogger.

and to those in the forum who have told me to reduce my usage of acronyms and abbreviations of any kind, THANK YOU.

I've Bn tryna kick this habit 4 d longest Tym (hehe..pun!geddit?)

But seriously, thank you for the advice. I appreciate every single one

Now, all I have got to do is to just change this layout!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Relationships are bittersweet

It's no secret that in relationships, arguments DO happen.

It's no secret that in relationships, there are days when all you feel like doing is beating the crap out of him or of her
It's n0 secret that in relationships, there will be days when he or she isn't around to hold your hand when you're feeling the pain after a bad day, or even after a big argument

Now here's the million dollar question... why put up with it?

I recently attended a wedding. It was a pretty simple wedding service, but on a plus side, the bride was AMAZINGLY gorgeous
She had the most beautiful dress on. She was wearing these diamonds all over her( I did question the authenticity of the diamonds, but it doesn't really matter because she looked AMAZING)
And there was the groom. An average looking man, young (Did I mention the bride's 18?). He was obviously ecstatic...The bride on the other hand, didn't look as happy as I imagined her to be... I mean, it is YOUR wedding
I found out a little later from a close friend of the bride's, that she was more or less forced into the whole wedding process, and on a side note, she has cheated on him, she's short tempered and she's PHYSICALLY abusive( amazing, seeing she's pretty fragile looking :D)

and here's the TWO million dollar question...why marry?why marry a girl who's caused you so much pain and tears?
and it hit me
Because they're obsessed with each other

look, I'm not speaking from observation, I'm speaking from experience!!

You know he/she is bad for you, but you still can't let go.
You cannot let go of:
  • The memories
  • The plans you've both discussed
  • The fact you'll have to be alone
  • The fact you won't have that special person to follow you to family dinners, outings, holidays, graduations...the list goes on
  • The fact you won't have someone to rely on
  • The assumption you won't find another person to fill in the void
It's easy for your family and friends to give you "proper" advice, i.e.: Get over it

But is it really THAT easy to let go of someone you've given your heart and your body to?

What do you think?

I'll give my HONEST opinion in the next post :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

office bitch

Guess what??

I just got a new job!!


I was so worried about my first day, as this is my first job in an office, actualy..IT'S MY FIRST JOB EVER!
(I'm pretty sure you can tell I'm below 21 from my very statement =) )

Everyone(almost everyone, but I'll get to that) is friendly and ethical ... except for one

FIRST OF ALL... I decided to come to work in fancy office threads... no one said you'd have to look drab to work in an office ok?
I absolutely love the whole sexy librarian sophisticated female look.. It just resembles how women can be smart, successful and BEAUTIFUL at the same time.

UNFORTUNATELY, I have an odddd feeling, there's this lady in my office who doesn't really appreciate me, or the way i dress, or anything i do at all

She probably thinks I don't deserve the job(why?cos my interview was SO much better than yours?)
Or she probably hates me cos I'm prettier than her (Amen to that)
Or she hates my shoes (One day, when I become a hot shot lawyer with my porsche and my collection of chris louboutin shoes, YOU'LL SEE! )
Or she's secretly in love with me... god knows

I mean... she smiles at EVERYONE and glares at me. Like those SERIOUS "hate you" glares, you know?

bitch. No offense, but she has bad teeth

I'm content :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rascal Flatts


and JAY

Rascal Flatts

In my opinion if there were to be only ONE band to exist in this world, I'd like it to be Rascal Flatts.
I recall I was having my dinner sitting right in front of the TV one night when Jay, Gary and Joe somehow managed to catch my ears and my heart without giving it back(and no, I didn't press charges =D ) when I first heard them sing on that comedy show "Yes Dear" years ago. They sang an acoustic version of "God Bless the Broken Road" and let me tell you this, it was AHMAZING.

I searched for the exact video for this post and found this one

Just keep watching and you'll hear them sing towards the end of the clip. Oooh, amazing.

I remember the 2nd Rascal Flatts song I fell in love with was "Praying for Daylight" from their debut album "Rascal Flatts". A song about how someone walks out of your life and those nights without them are an absolute pain(it's true). Although the song's pretty much on the "heartbreak" side, it still sounds like a song you'd get up and dance to.

Then there's another favorite of mine, none other than "Life is a Highway". This song is just the kinda song you imagine would blast out of the heavens when you're driving with your car top down, wind in your hair and you're just singing at the top of your lungs. Yet another AHMAZING song.

Let me share another one with you... Another Rascal Flatts favorite for me would be "What hurts the Most"
It's about how you can lose that one person you would give your whole life to without barely saying goodbye. This Video made me cry!!! CRY?!! ME! I may have cried after watching "A Walk to Remember" as well, BUT STILL!! I CRIED. A Freaking sad video and an AHMAZING touching song and you get A BUCKET FULL of tears. I have a friend who told me she listened to this song on repeat many times before and she still loves the song

Well done Rascal Flatts! If there were to ever be The Badzila Music Awards(Lord Jesus, Let my dream come to past), there's no doubt in this world that the Award for "The Best EVER" would go to YOU!

Rascal Flatts has also toured with Taylor Swift, yet another favorite of mine.
I mean, who doesn't like her?
So if you love them just as much as I do...BUY ME TWO CONCERT PASSES AND I'LL WRITE A WIKIPEDIA PAGE ABOUT YOU. I swear

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Racism main downfall of society

NO, this isn't another blog post about Obama and his historical win.

  • The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
  • Discrimination or prejudice based on race.
Does race really account for differences in human character?
Racism isn't only widespread in the most talked about country in the world, The United States of America. The race card is pulled out everywhere.

Racial discrimination in MY opinion goes all ways. For example, a black man may say that he's being discriminated against and is therefore OK for him to talk bad about a white person based on race, but is it really okay? Is it okay for ANYONE at all to racially discriminate against a person?

It cannot be denied that the africans have suffered so long especially with the many forces against them. Take for example the Apartheid System or organizations like the Ku Klux Klan.
But nonetheless, it never is okay for ANYONE to cultivate racism, whether it is to fight or to defend.

It is ALRIGHT to fight for your rights like Nelson Mendela had done for his people or like Martin Luther King had, but to reply back nasty racial insults like every other racist in my opinion is wrong.

I believe that the only way to battle racism is through Love. Whatever love may be to you, love is the only comprehensible bridge of any racial barrier. As the Black Eyed Pea's song goes "Where is the Love?".

It's the 21st century and our world is still battling with the effects of racial segregation and discrimination?

It's apparent that in any culture, there's a double standard for each race. It is said that a black man belongs on the streets dealing with drugs, after's a "hip-hop" culture( Not my words, I read it from an article quite a while back). It is also said that an average white man belongs in his 4x4 office cubicle, to return home to either his trailer park or his suburban home. It is also said that Asians belong in Laundry shops and karaoke bars.

Let's take a second to rethink of how these double standards play a role in ruining our happiness and our harmony.
Does it mean that mentioning ANY words in relation to race is taboo? certainly not. Take a humorous outlook on race from comedian Russell Peters.

Let me take a few examples of people we're all familiar with

Justin Timberlake

Can anyone tell me the OBVIOUS difference between the 2 besides their names?


You don't say sherlock

What do they have in common?
Both of them are multi millionaires.
Both are top selling entertainers.
Both have reached international fame.
Both have worked hard.
Both have won Grammies.
Both have very sexy wives(or are they fiancees, I'm not sure on this part)

And they're both of different color?
what does that show you kids? Does skin color determine how far you go in life? No

I'm sick of listening to the same ol bullshit about how race plays a big role in determining how successful one becomes

It MAY determine how you look, it may determine your hair texture, it may determine your height... But does it determine everything?

Just because he's asian doesn't mean he's got a black belt in Karate

Just because he's white doesn't mean he belongs in a tux

Just because he's black doesn't mean he belongs in hip-hop apparel

What do you think?

P.S.: There are some serious Moronic Blunders I'd LOVE everyone to meet

Guys, meet


Ooh. You'll just LOVE them . gag me
send them your love

Bad zila


who the hell would think arguing about CELLPHONES would make a substantial argument?????







Everywhere I turn, I see people carrying cellphones

Hey, I'm cool with that. I have a cellphone as well
who doesn't?


Is it me, or is this whole "I have a cellphone phenomenon" blowing outta proportion???????????

Ok, I'm obviously exaggerating...again

But it seems to me as if the whole idea now, of having a cellphone... is to see who's got the better one

Case in point :

Gina: Hey Molly Sue, let's cam whore! We can know, Post it on our facebook profiles and know... show that b***h Maryanne that we have the nicer emo-er display pictures!Let me just take out my new N85 and we'll be cam whoring away =)

Molly sue: Wait a second there girl! Are you talking about the N85, as in THE N85 with the super clear camera, THE N85 with the amazing layout and THE N85 with the capacity to keep like...A MILLION SONGS?!!

Gina: Yeah, that one. My dad's know, Bill gates rich

Molly Sue: The N85's like SOO yesterday. I had one and tossed it aside after a day! I realized that the iPhone's WAY better! There's like everything! I even have the ibrate application! ;)

Gina: Uh huh... well, mine has the ability to print out faxes!

Molly Sue: YEAH? Mine scans my homework and gives me the answers!!

Gina: OH YEA !! Mine practically cleans up the house!!!!!!!!!!!

Molly Sue: My cell keeps my 21 year old sister out of rehab!! HAH!!


If I hear another argument about whose phone's better. I swear I'll listen to Ali Lohan songs on repeat

In 1875, Alexander Graham bell invented the first telephone. He must be spinning in his grave

btw, I need a new cell phone. I'm the ONLY one among my friends with what you'd call a brick which makes phone calls XD

Friday, January 16, 2009

Another model story

I don't really know how many people out there actually watch America's Next Top Model, but being someone who DOES watch.

I just wanna express how biased the judges' decisions can be at times.

Let's take a look at cycle 8

As we all know, the winner of Cycle 8 was none other than Jaslene Gonzalez. In no way am I saying she is ugly but... have you seen the runner up?

Let's take a look shall we?



Meet Natasha...

The runner up =(

I don't have to be Tyra Banks to know that as pretty as Jaslene is, Natasha's just GORGEOUS.

but hey, it's ok. Jaslene and Natasha are both doin' great post ANTM and I'm ecstatic for both of em.


meet WHITNEY THOMPSON, winner of America's next Top Model cycle 10

pretty.. no?

Fortunately for her, those photos are extremely Photoshopped!

Dear Whitney, how do I say this delicately without sounding mean...

I bet ALOT of you are saying

"hey,we're proud of Whitney for breaking the fashion barrier for being the first full figured model winner on"

Quite frankly, I believe Tyra wanted her to win, not the other judges.
The fashion industry does have full figured models no doubt, but are they sought for? Maybe. Are they beautiful? Duh..Yeah
Is whitney a plus sized model? No
Is she the typical skin and bones model?No
Is she the sexy toned Victoria's Secret model type? HELL NO

She's nothing to me and I bet the most unsuccessful of the winners unless you're talking about publicity, she's the definite winner

JUST LOOK AT THE OTHER JUDGES' FACES NO WAY am I against her purely for her size. I never was the skinny girl in high school, I was rather chubby a few years back..yea, i did lose the weight, but nonetheless... I still think whitney didn't deserve to win. Some of you might say

"Did you watch the commercial? she was AMAZING"

Yea.. Let's take a look at one of her commercials

It kinda reminds me of this

Disagree if you must. But I still stick to my stand that Whitney shouldn't have won.

Have you seen the two runner ups? You'd die!

from left to right: Whitney, Anya(First runner up) & Fatima(2nd runner up)

Whitney's pretty no doubt, but she as a package is not one I'd "buy" for my runway show or for my haute-couture

Anya may not be as pretty as Whitney, but...I'd book her because she has that model look and she doesn't look like or talk like she works for hooters.

Fatima? Girl's gorgeous but seriously needs a Cheesburger, a side of fries(make that 2), some mac and cheese, a triple "O" Sundae and steroids. But seriously though, girl looks like IMAN. Frigging Gorgeous these Somalian girls

Everyone knows Tyra has been receiving alota flack from the media about being fat so she probably chose Whitney to put herself at ease... =)

I pity Whitney for I've heard alot of bad comments about her size and that ELITE MODEL MANAGEMENT assumes her as a joke, but I'd say Tyra made the mistake... but then again, I heard Whitney's quite the bitch. So...
Can't say more...YOU be the Judge