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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rascal Flatts


and JAY

Rascal Flatts

In my opinion if there were to be only ONE band to exist in this world, I'd like it to be Rascal Flatts.
I recall I was having my dinner sitting right in front of the TV one night when Jay, Gary and Joe somehow managed to catch my ears and my heart without giving it back(and no, I didn't press charges =D ) when I first heard them sing on that comedy show "Yes Dear" years ago. They sang an acoustic version of "God Bless the Broken Road" and let me tell you this, it was AHMAZING.

I searched for the exact video for this post and found this one

Just keep watching and you'll hear them sing towards the end of the clip. Oooh, amazing.

I remember the 2nd Rascal Flatts song I fell in love with was "Praying for Daylight" from their debut album "Rascal Flatts". A song about how someone walks out of your life and those nights without them are an absolute pain(it's true). Although the song's pretty much on the "heartbreak" side, it still sounds like a song you'd get up and dance to.

Then there's another favorite of mine, none other than "Life is a Highway". This song is just the kinda song you imagine would blast out of the heavens when you're driving with your car top down, wind in your hair and you're just singing at the top of your lungs. Yet another AHMAZING song.

Let me share another one with you... Another Rascal Flatts favorite for me would be "What hurts the Most"
It's about how you can lose that one person you would give your whole life to without barely saying goodbye. This Video made me cry!!! CRY?!! ME! I may have cried after watching "A Walk to Remember" as well, BUT STILL!! I CRIED. A Freaking sad video and an AHMAZING touching song and you get A BUCKET FULL of tears. I have a friend who told me she listened to this song on repeat many times before and she still loves the song

Well done Rascal Flatts! If there were to ever be The Badzila Music Awards(Lord Jesus, Let my dream come to past), there's no doubt in this world that the Award for "The Best EVER" would go to YOU!

Rascal Flatts has also toured with Taylor Swift, yet another favorite of mine.
I mean, who doesn't like her?
So if you love them just as much as I do...BUY ME TWO CONCERT PASSES AND I'LL WRITE A WIKIPEDIA PAGE ABOUT YOU. I swear

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