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Monday, February 9, 2009

Relationships are bittersweet

It's no secret that in relationships, arguments DO happen.

It's no secret that in relationships, there are days when all you feel like doing is beating the crap out of him or of her
It's n0 secret that in relationships, there will be days when he or she isn't around to hold your hand when you're feeling the pain after a bad day, or even after a big argument

Now here's the million dollar question... why put up with it?

I recently attended a wedding. It was a pretty simple wedding service, but on a plus side, the bride was AMAZINGLY gorgeous
She had the most beautiful dress on. She was wearing these diamonds all over her( I did question the authenticity of the diamonds, but it doesn't really matter because she looked AMAZING)
And there was the groom. An average looking man, young (Did I mention the bride's 18?). He was obviously ecstatic...The bride on the other hand, didn't look as happy as I imagined her to be... I mean, it is YOUR wedding
I found out a little later from a close friend of the bride's, that she was more or less forced into the whole wedding process, and on a side note, she has cheated on him, she's short tempered and she's PHYSICALLY abusive( amazing, seeing she's pretty fragile looking :D)

and here's the TWO million dollar question...why marry?why marry a girl who's caused you so much pain and tears?
and it hit me
Because they're obsessed with each other

look, I'm not speaking from observation, I'm speaking from experience!!

You know he/she is bad for you, but you still can't let go.
You cannot let go of:
  • The memories
  • The plans you've both discussed
  • The fact you'll have to be alone
  • The fact you won't have that special person to follow you to family dinners, outings, holidays, graduations...the list goes on
  • The fact you won't have someone to rely on
  • The assumption you won't find another person to fill in the void
It's easy for your family and friends to give you "proper" advice, i.e.: Get over it

But is it really THAT easy to let go of someone you've given your heart and your body to?

What do you think?

I'll give my HONEST opinion in the next post :)

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