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Friday, January 16, 2009

Another model story

I don't really know how many people out there actually watch America's Next Top Model, but being someone who DOES watch.

I just wanna express how biased the judges' decisions can be at times.

Let's take a look at cycle 8

As we all know, the winner of Cycle 8 was none other than Jaslene Gonzalez. In no way am I saying she is ugly but... have you seen the runner up?

Let's take a look shall we?



Meet Natasha...

The runner up =(

I don't have to be Tyra Banks to know that as pretty as Jaslene is, Natasha's just GORGEOUS.

but hey, it's ok. Jaslene and Natasha are both doin' great post ANTM and I'm ecstatic for both of em.


meet WHITNEY THOMPSON, winner of America's next Top Model cycle 10

pretty.. no?

Fortunately for her, those photos are extremely Photoshopped!

Dear Whitney, how do I say this delicately without sounding mean...

I bet ALOT of you are saying

"hey,we're proud of Whitney for breaking the fashion barrier for being the first full figured model winner on"

Quite frankly, I believe Tyra wanted her to win, not the other judges.
The fashion industry does have full figured models no doubt, but are they sought for? Maybe. Are they beautiful? Duh..Yeah
Is whitney a plus sized model? No
Is she the typical skin and bones model?No
Is she the sexy toned Victoria's Secret model type? HELL NO

She's nothing to me and I bet the most unsuccessful of the winners unless you're talking about publicity, she's the definite winner

JUST LOOK AT THE OTHER JUDGES' FACES NO WAY am I against her purely for her size. I never was the skinny girl in high school, I was rather chubby a few years back..yea, i did lose the weight, but nonetheless... I still think whitney didn't deserve to win. Some of you might say

"Did you watch the commercial? she was AMAZING"

Yea.. Let's take a look at one of her commercials

It kinda reminds me of this

Disagree if you must. But I still stick to my stand that Whitney shouldn't have won.

Have you seen the two runner ups? You'd die!

from left to right: Whitney, Anya(First runner up) & Fatima(2nd runner up)

Whitney's pretty no doubt, but she as a package is not one I'd "buy" for my runway show or for my haute-couture

Anya may not be as pretty as Whitney, but...I'd book her because she has that model look and she doesn't look like or talk like she works for hooters.

Fatima? Girl's gorgeous but seriously needs a Cheesburger, a side of fries(make that 2), some mac and cheese, a triple "O" Sundae and steroids. But seriously though, girl looks like IMAN. Frigging Gorgeous these Somalian girls

Everyone knows Tyra has been receiving alota flack from the media about being fat so she probably chose Whitney to put herself at ease... =)

I pity Whitney for I've heard alot of bad comments about her size and that ELITE MODEL MANAGEMENT assumes her as a joke, but I'd say Tyra made the mistake... but then again, I heard Whitney's quite the bitch. So...
Can't say more...YOU be the Judge


  1. I loved Whitney.It's too bad others cannot surpass the fake beauty standards

  2. I never watched this Show,but the winner looks hot!Men love women with curves,not ironing boards

  3. I like your blog!!Blog about music,which inspires you.Maybe more abut makeup because you like pink I guessing you're a Gurly Gurl



  5. I loved Whitney and thought she was a great model. Jaslene on the other hand......