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Friday, January 16, 2009

Something smells like ...


Talk about a self discovery moment!!!

I just realized what makes my mood


WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?it's a common thing to associate smells with experiences because...bla bla see, the limbic system regulates...bla bla"..

freaking bleh
SHUT UP I didn't know...

Ok OK!! Let's play a game! I'll list down which scents make me feel happy,sad,bitchy..etc..

The smell of..

  • Anything fried makes me feel FAT
  • Ralph Lauren's Glamorous makes me feel LIKE A 14 Y.OLD
  • Fresh paint makes me feel RICH
  • Alcohol makes me feel THIN
  • "That new office smell" makes me feel BORED
  • "Hotel shampoos" make me feel ROMANTIC

What smell makes you think?

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