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Friday, January 16, 2009

Marrying early is good for you


Gotta love em

I mean, you have 6-7 year olds running around, hugging and kissing each other nowadays

Can you blame them?

I remember having my very FIRST crush at 7
Ahh... He was like prince charming to me

Unfortunately FOR HIM, I moved on to bigger, brighter and BLING-er things.

Relationships are like Boybands

ONE IS ENOUGH, as they say "too many boy bands spoil the music industry"

In other words,

A relationship is an amazing thing, in MODERATION

Which brings me to my next point...


yes! marry early.
I bet most of you are like " WTF! It's the 21st century and you're talking about marrying early??!!!!!"

Listen up, Marrying early has its benefits. Oh, when I said Marry early, Make sure you find the right one, don't just go grabbing any hobo you see

Why Marrying early has its benefits
  1. By the time you and your spouse have reached the "ZOMG!He's so disgusting! I didn't know!" mark, You'd be happily married :D
  2. You'd be able to move out of your parents' home
  3. You get what you want without being called a HO
  4. You FINALLY have someone to actually listen to your rantings about "how the other girl stole your green dress+pink shoes" idea and without worrying about him not calling you back for a second date.. Aint life peachy ?
  5. You get to show off those sexy tragically EXPENSIVE diamond rings your spouse will get you! ( Warning: Does not apply to you )
  6. You can preach to the whole world about how you and your spouse got married and generously thank a blog post entitled "marry early" for encouraging you to :)
  7. Appear on Jerry Springer 2 months later on an episode called "my wife beats me up" (Refer to number 6)

and seven's a charm folks!!

1 comment:

  1. You have points.Maybe I will get pregnant first,no choice to marry.LMAO :-x