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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

office bitch

Guess what??

I just got a new job!!


I was so worried about my first day, as this is my first job in an office, actualy..IT'S MY FIRST JOB EVER!
(I'm pretty sure you can tell I'm below 21 from my very statement =) )

Everyone(almost everyone, but I'll get to that) is friendly and ethical ... except for one

FIRST OF ALL... I decided to come to work in fancy office threads... no one said you'd have to look drab to work in an office ok?
I absolutely love the whole sexy librarian sophisticated female look.. It just resembles how women can be smart, successful and BEAUTIFUL at the same time.

UNFORTUNATELY, I have an odddd feeling, there's this lady in my office who doesn't really appreciate me, or the way i dress, or anything i do at all

She probably thinks I don't deserve the job(why?cos my interview was SO much better than yours?)
Or she probably hates me cos I'm prettier than her (Amen to that)
Or she hates my shoes (One day, when I become a hot shot lawyer with my porsche and my collection of chris louboutin shoes, YOU'LL SEE! )
Or she's secretly in love with me... god knows

I mean... she smiles at EVERYONE and glares at me. Like those SERIOUS "hate you" glares, you know?

bitch. No offense, but she has bad teeth

I'm content :)


  1. That doesn't sound anything like the Office TV show... Good ads :)

    Superbowl commercial gifs

    Mythbusters post

  2. I have a problem just like that !!!

  3. I had a co-worker like that and she always pissed me off. I finally just started to ignore her which worked!

  4. Lol, bad teeth for her; serves her right.

  5. I love this blog! Please post more!